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Repstack handles the parts of your sales process you don't have the time, resource or expertise to manage. From sourcing lead data, to email outreach, sales calls or even product demos, the Repstack platform allows you to quickly build and scale your sales process without the usual hassle or cost.

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Companies trust Repstack to help with their sales

Why should it take so much effort to launch a new sales process?

Let Repstack do the heavy lifting and get leads flowing in just a few clicks of a button

By Yourself

  • Cancel Source Lead Data
  • Cancel Recruit Sales Reps
  • Cancel Deliver Sales Training
  • Cancel Devise Incentive Plans
  • Cancel Write Call Scripts
  • Cancel Write Email Templates
  • Cancel Set up A/B Tests
  • Cancel Monitor the CRM
  • Cancel Quality Check Sales Calls
  • Cancel Motivate Team
  • Cancel Optimise Funnel Conversions
  • With Repstack

  • Success Decide on your Sales Process
  • Success Connect a Lead Source
  • Success We execute your Sales Process
  • Success You track the performance
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    Lack of Sales Expertise?

    A successful sales process requires first hand knowledge of the best sales tactics. Prior experience is crucial and that's why experienced Sales Managers are in such high demand.

    Time drawing

    Lack of Time?

    How many extra hours in the day would you need to setup and properly implement a new sales process? Hiring & training the right people and then managing the process is a full time task.

    People drawing

    Lack of Resources?

    Sales reps are expensive and they aren’t guaranteed to produce results. Committing to full time salaries without a guaranteed return is high risk especially for a budget conscious company.

    Error drawing

    Lack of Growth?

    With the end of month always fast approaching, and targets ever increasing, can you afford to operate with a sub-standard sales process? How many sales have you missed out on already this quarter?

    Repstack is built for hassle free growth

    The Repstack platform allows you to design your ideal sales process which our sales experts then carry out for you. The platform offers total transparency into every conversation and gives you the control to tweak and test your process.

    Process builder with bg

    Process Builder

    Design your ideal sales process in minutes

    Use our Sales Process Builder to create a new sales process. That could be generating sales meetings using cold email or converting website leads with a telephone call.

    Playbook, Scripts & Templates

    Repstack crafts
    a sales approach

    We'll take your marketing material and pull together a sales playbook, call scripts & email templates to guide our sales messaging.

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    Integrate lead sources with bg

    Integrations & Lead Purchase

    Easily integrate
    your lead sources

    Connect your CRM, marketing automation or other lead sources. If you don’t have an existing source of leads you can search and buy lead data from within the Repstack platform itself.

    Campaign Tracking & Call Recordings

    Track sales progress

    Use the platform to see your leads being converted. See which email templates are generating responses and listen to call recordings to check customer feedback.

    Track leads with bg
    Experiments with bg

    Experiments & Audience Segmentation

    Collaborate to
    improve process

    If you have a bright idea on how to improve the sales process use the Experiments & Audience features to test it out on a segment of leads. Create a queue of ideas and watch your sales process improve.

    Why Teams Love Repstack

    Rapid Deployment

    Repstack's Sales Experts can be deployed much quicker than an internal team. Bypass lengthy hiring and training delays

    No Long Contracts!

    Repstack doesn't tie you down to lengthy contracts, you simply pay for what you need each month

    Expert Sales Talent

    Our selection and training process was developed while working at San Francisco and Europe's top startups

    Easy Scaling

    Repstack can grow in line with your business, which gives you one less thing to worry about as you scale up

    Flexible Headcount

    Repstack is a Sales Manager's best friend when it comes to capacity planning on the Sales Team

    Cost Efficiency

    Repstack typically works out cheaper (per hour of phone time) than an internal hire, and we're'more flexible to boot

    Did we mention...there's no fixed term contracts!

    We like to make signing up as risk free as possible that's why we operate on a rolling month-to-month basis. So you can cancel at any time (much more flexible than a full-time hire).

    Email us at [email protected] to find out more, or sign up to the platform to see an example campaign.